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Cultivating Gratitude
and Playing Your Cards
as They are Dealt
by Max Oppenheimer, Jr.
ISBN: 978-0-9797788-3-4
168 Pages

Cultivating Gratitude continues Max Oppenheimer, Jr.’s autobiography, which began with
An Innocent Yank at Home Abroad - Footnotes to History, 1922-1945. This volume,
beginning near the end of World War II, covers his service in the U.S. Army, the CIA, and in
academia. He records his travels throughout the United States and his residence in locales
such as the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. Oppenheimer realizes that
“everything could not have run a better course. Nothing was left to chance.” He sees
reasons for all that happened to him, and as he unfolds his story and world views, readers
can appreciate the depth and scope of his life.

Oppenheimer is the author of
Outline of Russian Grammar (1962), An Innocent Yank at
Home Abroad - Footnotes to History, 1922-1945
(2000), Is That What It Means? A
Treasure Trove of Word Origins
(2004), Is That What It Means? II (KS Publishing, Inc.
2007), as well as scholarly and professional articles, and is the translator of numerous
books. Throughout his life, language and meaning have gradually evolved from being a
tool for survival to an endless fascination—a head-over-heels love affair.