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Camp Concordia:
German POWs in the Midwest
by Lowell A. May
Court of Inquiry:
"Neglecting the Possible"--
U.S. Navy Mistakes
by Benjamin S. Persons
If We Could Only Come to America:
A Story of Swedish
Immigrants in the Midwest
by Robert J. Nelson
An Innocent Yank at Home Abroad:  
Footnotes to History 1922-1945
by Max Oppenheimer, Jr.
Is That What It Means?
A Treasure Trove of Word Origins
by Max Oppenheimer, Jr
Kansas Temperance:
Much Ado About Booze, 1870-1920
by Kenneth J. Peak
and Patricia A. Peak
Kansas Morning:
A Turn-of-the-Century
Midwestern Boyhood
by George Stewart
Lincoln and Kansas –
Partnership for Freedom
by Carol Dark Ayres
Relieved of Command
by Benjamin S. Persons
Pioneer Naturalist on the Plains:
The Diary of Elam Bartholomew,
1871 to 1934
by David M. Bartholomew
A Price Beyond Rubies:
A Novel of the Civil War
by Louise McCants Barry
Water Resources in Kansas:
Use and Control, 1541-1977
by Keith S. Krause
Riddle of the Lost Gold
by Joan K. McAfee
The Road to El Dorado
by Joan K. McAfee
Kansas Bootleggers
by Patrick G. O'Brien
and Kenneth J. Peak
He Made the Ranges Safe
by Ted E. Franklin, Jr.
Tex Messages:
A Tribute to Tex Winter
Edited by Larry Weigel